OPO – Optical Parametric Oscillator

Levante IR fs

Tunable fs OPO for IR Pump Laser

Tunable Automated fs OPO Suitable For an External IR ps Laser as Pump


Levante IR – fs is a synchronously pumped OPO (optical parametric oscillator) in an innovative new design. The pump source is a mode-locked femtosecond laser emitting at 1 µm fixed. The generation of the Signal and Idler pulses in a parametric process is jitter-free with respect to each other as well as to the pump pulse.

Field Tested Compatibility

Levante IR is compatible and field tested with many industrial-grade laser types, for example

  • Coherent Discovery NX and Axon 1064
  • Toptica FF-ultra
  • LightConversion Flint
  • Menlo Orange
  • and more

At a Glance

  • Fully controllable via PC and automated wavelength tuning
  • Perfectly synchronized output pulses
  • Standard Software Interface (using TCP/IP)
  • Integrated spectrometer for OPO Signal wavelength range

Automation Included

The accessible wavelength range for the Signal output is 1320 … 2000 nm and the wavelength range for the Idler output is 2150 … 4800 nm (when pumped @ 1035 nm). The wavelength tuning itself is fully automated.

Power Scaling

An OPO is especially suited for power scaling because it uses a parametric process for operation – compared to a laser process with intrinsic heating due to the quantum defect – where there is no intrinsic heat generated by the parametric process in an OPO.

Acquisition Software and TCP/IP Standard Software Interface

All models come with an easy to use data acquisition software, allowing for real-time data display. Furthermore, the TCP/IP-based standard software interface by APE makes it straight forward to set up remote control. This allows you, for example, to design your own automated measurement routines. Simply use our protocol templates for rapid configuration with familiar programming languages, including C++, C#, LabVIEW, Python, Matlab, and Ruby.

OPO Revolution

Short documentary that travels the world to examine how APE optical parametric oscillator (OPO) systems are enabling next generation work in solar cells, cancer research, biomedicine, surgical procedures, molecular science, and more.

More Wavelength with Levante in Combination with Harmonic Generation

Levante IR fs is a versatile narrow bandwidth light source for femtosecond pulses. When combined with extra-cavity SHG (Second Harmonic Generation), THG (Third Harmonic Generation) and DFG (Difference Frequency Generation) wavelength converters of the HarmoniXX series, almost every wavelength from 660 nm up to 15 μm can be generated.

Specifications & Typical Performance

Levante IR fs
All specifications are pending on actual Pump Laser parameter - please contact us for technical details.
Wavelength range Signal1320 … 2000 nm
Wavelength range Idler2150 … 4800 nm (… 5000 nm typical)
Power Signal2.8 W at 1500 nm pumped with 12 W
Power Idler1.05 W at 2500 nm pumped with 12 W
Pulse width, typical200 fs pumped with pump ~200 fs
Time bandwidth product, typical0.6
Repetition rate~80 MHz, equal and synchronous to pump laser
Wavelength tuningFully automated
Wavelength tuning feedbackBuilt-in spectrometer
Remote controlvia TCP/IP
Appropriate pump parameterWavelength: 1030 nm … 1064 nm
Power: 2 W … 12 W
Pulse width: 70 fs … 300 fs
Repetition rate: fixed between 73 MHz … 82 MHz
Evaluated pump laserCoherent Discovery NX
Coherent Axon 1064
Light Conversion FLINT
Menlo Orange High Power 10
Spectra Physics Insight X3+
Toptica FF-Ultra

Typical Data

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