Artifical Sun for Solar Cell Calibration

Artifical Sun for Solar Cell Calibration

with APEs Harmonic Generation Series

Calibration of World Photovoltaic Scale (WPVS) Reference Solar Cells with only 0.4% Uncertainty – A New World Record

A Novel Tunable fs-laser Approach

A novel facility for the primary calibration of reference solar cells has been realized by Stefan Winter and Ingo Kröger et al. (PTB). The tunable fs-laser system avoids the main problem of traditional approaches: the low optical power level of monochromatic sources, and the broad spectral bandwidth of LED based systems. The new fs-laser setup enables the calibration of World Photovoltaic Scale (WPVS) reference solar cells with an uncertainty of only 0.4% – a new world record.

Harmonic Generation is the Key to Generate a Sun-like Spectrum

The light source is realized from a tunable OPO (Compact OPO) and a Second-, Third-, or Fourth- Harmonic Generator (HarmoniXX). Seeding originates from a Chameleon Ultra II Ti:Sa laser (Coherent Inc.). Fully automated wavelength selection from 210 nm up to 4000 nm is provided (HarmoniXX SHG and FHG 2 + 2 (incl. SHG)). Even 190 nm (FHG 3 + 1, incl. THG) is achievable.

  • HarmoniXX SHG
  • HarmoniXX FHG 2 + 2
  • HarmoniXX FHG 3 + 1
  • Compact OPO (made by APE exclusively for Coherent Inc.)

The System Consists of the Following Sub-components

Entire System Setup

HarmoniXX Series

Compact OPO for Chameleon Laser

Pump Laser Chameleon

Chameleon Ultra from Coherent Inc. features a wide tuning range and high power at any wavelength.

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