OPO – Optical Parametric Oscillator

OPO – Optical Parametric Oscillator

Welcome to APEs world of OPO – Optical Parametric Oscillator. Our OPOs generate either picosecond or femtosecond pulses tunable over a wide range of wavelengths with high output energy.  To learn more about applications, enjoy our video to examine how APE optical parametric oscillator systems are enabling next generation work in solar cells, cancer research, biomedicine, surgical procedures, molecular science, and more.

To be Pumped with IR Laser (~ 1 µm)

To be Pumped with Ti:Sapphire Laser

To be Pumped with Green Laser (~ 516 nm)

Recommended Pump Laser

Our One-box Alternative

World of OPO – Optical Parametric Oscillator