True Multispectral Flow-Cytometry & Pulse Shape Analysis

Flexible Detection Unit from APE:
True Multispectral Flow-Cytometry & Pulse Shape Analysis

Detection Hardware

APE presents a highly flexible and modern detection hardware platform perfectly suited for multispectral flow-cytometry. The light pulses originating from the labeled cells passing through the excitation laser typically are carrying more information than used in the current commercially available cytometers. The multispectral detection unit available from APE collects the full spectral information at the single cell level and provides access to the raw data signals enabling you to uncover the hidden information.

Multivariate Data Analysis

Multispectral detection increases the light collection in flow cytometry, which in turn leads to an increase in sensitivity, an improved detection limit, and a higher resolution. There is no need to explicitly tune the detector configuration (Detector, Filter) to a particular staining panel. In conjunction with custom unmixing algorithms such as FMO controls and multivariate data analysis this leads to a highly stable and powerful system.

Integration into Commercial Cytometers, e.g. BD Instruments

Fiber coupling with standard optical fibers ensures easy integration into many existing commercial flow cytometers. APE’s multispectral detection platform with the detector block can be equipped with either PMTs, APDs or photodiodes. Carefully designed electronic hardware and a powerful signal processing unit deliver high quality data.

At a Glance

  • True multispectral flow-cytometry with standard cytometers
  • Full fluorescence spectral signature collection from each cell
  • Hardware and Software for fast acquisition of spectral signals and pulse shape analysis
  • Enables Pulse Shape Activated Cell Sorting (PsACS)


Specification Multispectral Flow-Cytometry
> Analogue Hardware and Detectors
Detector TypePMT, APD and/or Photodiode
Detector Bandwidth100 kHz – 2 MHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)> 92 dB at 500 kHz
> Digitalization and Signal Processing
Sampling Rate250 MS/s
Sampling Depth16 Bit
Channels8 Channels
> File Formats
Raw Data of the Light Pulses(data stream)
Standard fcs-files(fcs-files 3.1 format)
Standard fcs-files(fcs-files 3.1 format) + additional pulse shape parameter

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