Tracking Ultrashortpulse Laser- and Process-Stability

For many applications, the pulse information from a lasers datasheet is sufficient. If, however, you are dealing with ultrashort pulse lasers that underlie non-linear distortion effects (e.g. fiber lasers), pulsed lasers with changeable pulse durations (e.g. pulse compressor) or if your application results strongly depend on stable pulse conditions, peakDetect is the right tool for you.

Pulse Variations Captured with peakDetect

peakDetect by APE is an innovative measurement device for precise monitoring of laserpulse variations to help you maintain reliable laser and process stability. Therefore, peakDetect measures the laser repetition rate, the average power, and the non-linear efficiency. These measurements enable the calculation of the relative peak power, and the pulse quality, that is, how far is the pulse above the Fourier-transform limit.

Robust Masterpiece

The compact and robust design makes peakDetect ideal for incorporation into larger laser systems or production lines and as a portable service tool.

At a Glance

  • Monitoring pulse changes over time
  • Data logging of pulse properties
  • Quantifying pulse parameters for femto and picosecond lasers
  • Small form factor for easy integration into laser setups

OEM & Customization

peakDetect is your key to the world of measuring pulse variations. Since no two laser models are the same, APE helps you to customize your individual peakDetect device. Starting with your specific laser parameters and objectives, we support you each step of the way, towards implementing a peakDetect solution at your company. In-house demos are available at any time – just contact us.


At a Glance

peakDetect (DK) Specification 
Customization or OEMAvailable
Wavelength Range700 ... 1100 nm
Pulse Width Range50 fs ... 10 ps
Repetition Rate1 kHz ... 1 MHz
(with internal measurement)
> 1 MHz
(with manual entry)
Input PolarizationLinear / any orientation
Computer InterfaceUSB / Java based software
Customization possible
Power supplyvia USB connection
HousingAl black coated Housing
44 mm x 80 mm x 41 mm
OEM Housings on request
  • Monitoring pulse changes over time
  • Data logging of pulse properties
  • Quantifying pulse parameters for femto and picosecond lasers
  • Small form factor for easy integration into laser setups
  • OEM & customization available

Datasheets & Brochures

APE peakDetect rev. 3.1.1. (pdf / english)

 Step Files

APE-peakDetect-Stepfile-V4-20141029 (.stp 3D CAD model with overall dimensions)

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Application Example

peakDetect to Optimize a fs Laser Compressor

In this application example we optimize a fs laser compressor to achieve maximal temporal compression of the pulse. Every change of the compressor tuning settings will be monitored  and displayed in the time plots. In addition, we change the frequency setting of an  pulse picker integrated into the laser, which is monitored and displayed in the time plot of the peakDetect software.  We use peakDetect to optimize the pulse. The compressor tuning is done in such a way that the pulse quality reaches a desired value.