Harmonic Generation

Harmonic Generation

SHG, THG and FHG with HarmoniXX

The HarmoniXX product line is a series of frequency converters for ultrafast lasers. Built as a modular system, it is ideal for Ti:Sapphire lasers as well as many other wavelength ranges, covering Second Harmonic Generation (SHG), Third Harmonic Generation (THG) and Fourth Harmonic Generation (FHG).

  • Second Harmonic Generation
  • Third Harmonic Generation
  • Fourth Harmonic Generation
  • High conversion efficiency
  • Easy alignment and automatic wavelength tuning
  • Suitable for both tunable and fixed frequency fs and ps lasers
  • Excellent pointing stability and beam profile
  • Remote operation via software GUI

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Harmonic Generation: Discover Engineering at its Best

Numerous advances have been made in both performance and usability. In addition to precise motor control on all critical adjustable parts, the Harmonic Generation series features a special walk-off compensation mechanism, designed for highest stability and an unprecedented level of wavelength optimization.

Coupled Crystal Movement

Walk-off Compensation

The special design of APE’s coupled crystal movement compensates the beam walk-off in nonlinear crystals and therfore secures highest pointing stablility. Whichever wavelength is used, you can be sure of optimum crystal parameters and conversion efficiency.

Quick Optics Exchange

More Wavelength and fs / ps Coverage

The right choice of non-linear crystals and other optical components is essential for high-quality wavelength conversion. A quick exchange of optics makes it possible to adapt the HarmoniXX to different laser parameters, providing more freedom in terms of wavelength coverage in femtosecond or
picosecond operation.

Motorization & Sensors

Easy, Intuitive, and Precise Operation

All HarmoniXX wavelength tunable components are driven electro-mechanically for precise alignment. The combination of motorization and the power sensor option allows the user to optimize the output power at the press of a button. This ensures 100 % repeatability and consistently accurate alignment.

Precise Motor Control is the New Standard

The APE HarmoniXX series is now equipped with precise stepper motors to control all elements that require regular adjustment via the software GUI. This eliminates the need to open the device at all during alignment, which further improves the laser safety of the devices and keeps the optical elements free from contamination. APE offers the user all necessary tools for integration of the HarmoniXX into an automated laboratory setup.

Auto Power Optimization as Option

The HarmoniXX automatically optimizes all elements to maximum output power, even if the exact laser wavelength is unknown or changing. This feature is optionally available for all SHG, THG and FHG (2+2) HarmoniXX devices.

Wavelength Coverage in Flexible Design

A flexible design, with a quick optics exchange for greater utility, allows the HarmoniXX to be configured for different laser types or alternative wavelength combinations and pulse durations. The quick-exchange optics are color-coded for a simple assignment of the different crystal types.

Walk-off Compensation for Exceptional Performance

The integrated walk-off compensation design ensures constant pointing stability and enables an enhanced conversion efficiency and beam quality while changing the wavelength of the HarmoniXX. The assembly set consists of entangled crystal movement compensators for a perfect crystal match in all experimental conditions.

Creating an Artificial Sun for Solar Cell Calibration

A novel facility for the primary calibration of reference solar cells has been realized. The fs-laser setup equipped with HarmoniXX SHG, THG, and FHG enables the calibration of World Photovoltaic Scale (WPVS) reference solar cells with an uncertainty of only 0.4% – a new world record.