Harmonic Generation

HarmoniXX SHG

Frequency Doubling with Second Harmonic Generation

Second Harmonic Generation – Frequency Doubling for Tunable and Fixed Frequency Laser

Second Harmonic Generation

Nonlinear frequency conversion in SHG crystals makes it possible to generate new shorter wavelengths from existing laser wavelengths. As part of our HarmoniXX product line, the HarmoniXX SHG is a frequency converter for  the frequency doubling of ultra short-pulse lasers. Second Harmonic Generation is a non-linear process, in which photons with the same frequency interacting with a non-linear material are effectively combined to generate new photons with twice the energy, and therefore twice the frequency and half the wavelength of the initial photons.

User-friendly Design

The focus is on user-friendliness and a compact design. By featuring a quick exchange of optics, the HarmoniXX Second Harmonic Generation device can be used for a wide pulse duration range, from femtoseconds (fs) to several picoseconds (ps).

At a Glance

  • Frequency Doubling / Second Harmonic Generation SHG
  • High conversion efficiency
  • Easy alignment and automatic wavelength tuning
  • Suitable for both tunable and fixed frequency fs and ps lasers
  • Excellent pointing stability and beam profile
  • Remote operation via software GUI


At a Glance

HarmoniXX SHG Specification 
Quick Exchangable Optics SetWavelength range exchange sets;
Pulse duration exchange set fs - ps
Input Wavelength Range< 420 ... > 2000 nm
(Spanning 1 Octave with one Optics Set; e.g. 660 - 1320 nm)
Output SHG< 210 ... > 1000 nm (e.g. 340 ... 540 nm for TiSa)
Output FundamentalAvailable
Spectral BandwidthDepending on Optics Set
Optics Set 1: 13 … 65 nm
Optics Set 2: 5 … 15 nm
Pulse Durationfs or ps
Conversion EfficiencyE.g. 40 % at 130 fs ; e.g. 15 % at 2 ps
Walkoff CompensationBuilt-in mechanical walkoff compensator
Polarization (Linear)Input: horizontal, SHG Out: vertical, Fundamental Out: horizontal
AutomationFully Motorized, GUI /Software included, Auto Power Adjustment as Option
Auto Power AdjustmentAutomated output power optimization at the press of a button
  • High conversion efficiency
  • Automatic wavelength tuning
  • For both tunable and fixed frequency fs and ps lasers
  • Excellent pointing stability and beam profile
  • Software included
  • Remote operation via software GUI

Above: SHG Power Pumped with Ti:Sapphire. Typical tuning curve of HarmoniXX SHG power pumped with TiSa laser at about 3.5 W, 80 MHz, 130 fs.

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