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Since 1992, APE is passionately supporting customers to get the best results from their ultrafast lasers in science and industry. We develop and produce test and measurement instruments for the most demanding short-pulse applications. Our excellent customer support is enabling high productivity in research and manufacturing.


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Welcome on board!

Wenting has started her new journey in our sales team in Berlin. She finished her master study from University... Read More

APE presents two new posters at ASSL this week.

During the virtual Advanced Solid State Lasers (ASSL) conference, our colleague Mateusz Ibek will present our method for High-Dynamic... Read More

Another interesting outcome!

The Ultrafast Optical Spectroscopy group (GUFOS) at Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena led by Prof. Giancarlo Soavi, presented encouraging results. Sebastian Klimmer, the... Read More

Latest results from our laboratory

This week, our colleague Stefan Popien will attend the European Optical Society Annual Meeting (EOSAM) from the 13th to 17th Sept.... Read More