Christmas 2018 APE says thank you for a successful year!

2018 was a very exciting and successful year for APE. Our thanks go out to our customers, business partners and employees. In 2019 we will again do everything in our power to meet your expectations. Especially during the Christmas season, giving gifts plays an important role. But it is also time to reflect and think about other people who are not doing so well. That’s why we’re not sending gifts to our customers and business partners this year, but instead the [...]

APE at 11th Jena Laser Conference Pulse Duration Characterization

APE is going to participate at the 11th Jena Laser Conference. The conference will take place on November 22 and 23 at the Ernst Abbe University in Jena. Michael Seiler, group leader of the UKP Applications Department of the Ernst Abbe University, will give a presentation on pulse duration characterization. The research on which this presentation is based was carried out together with researchers from APE. For more than 20 years, the event has been a leading regional platform for laser [...]

OSA Laser Congress Mid-IR: Matthias Baudisch at the ASSL 2018

Matthias Baudisch, member of the research and development department of APE, will give an invited talk at the Advanced Solid State Lasers Conference (ASSL) in Boston. Matthias will report on the first ZnGeP2-based femtosecond OPA system driven directly by a thulium-based fiber laser system. The OPA provides medium to long wavelength tunable pulses with Idler energies up to 2.2 μJ (23% quantum efficiency). Congress attendees interested in learning more about the topic or related topics are invited to visit APE’s booth [...]

Pulse Compression Explained Learn Details about Pulse Compression & Dispersion Compensation

Mastering dispersion of a short pulsed laser beam is important to maintain the quality of laser beams and improve its performance for various microscopy applications. For this reason, pulse compression (and stretching) and dispersion compensation are two very important topics that need to be mastered by laser users and microscopy operators. In our article we will explain the cause of dispersion and show how to compensate this effect by the means of a pulse compressor and dispersion management. You [...]

Ultrashortpulse Laser in Industrial Applications APE at LANE 2018, Fürth

“Ultrashortpulse (USP) Lasers in Industrial Applications” is one of the main topics of this year’s LANE 2018, which is a meeting place for laser users and manufacturers and will take place for the 10th time this year. From September 3 to 6, the latest trends and developments in laser micromaterial processing will be presented in Fürth (Germany) and discussed with regard to their possible use in various application areas. APE will not only be represented as an exhibitor this year, [...]

APE to Support Symposium in Honor of Nobel Prize Winner Ultrafast molecular sciences by femtosecond photons and electrons

APE is pleased to announce that it has been selected as corporate sponsor for the symposium in honor of Nobel Prize winner Ahmed Zewail. The high-profile event “Ultrafast molecular sciences by femtosecond photons and electrons” will take place during the annual meeting of the ACS Division Of Physical Chemistry in Boston, August 19-23, 2018. The symposium is aimed at scientists whose work contributes to new discoveries in the research fields of femto-science and ultrafast reaction dynamics. Marcos Dantus from Michigan State [...]

OptoScope APE and MBI start new Research Project

“Optoscope” is a new joint research project of the APE GmbH and the Max Born-Institute for Nonlinear Optics. It is about increasing the sensitivity of pulse measuring instruments as well as providing pulse measurement techniques with new algorithms which deliver accurate results in real-time even in case of noise and complicated pulse shapes. In the last few years areas of application and the market for ultrafast lasers in the femto- or picosecond range have increased. From highly complex research assemblies [...]

CLEO 2018 APE and APE Inc. Exhibit at CLEO 2018

Laser experts and users from various industries meet at the international laser & optics technology congress CLEO 2018 – the world’s leading scientific research and innovation meeting place for lasers. The conference will include an exhibition at the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California, USA. From May 15 to 17, laser manufacturers will present their innovations, the newest optical technologies as well as instruments for laser diagnostics and laser process measurement. APE and APE America welcome you at booth [...]