OptoScope APE and MBI start new Research Project

“Optoscope” is a new joint research project of the APE GmbH and the Max Born-Institute for Nonlinear Optics. It is about increasing the sensitivity of pulse measuring instruments as well as providing pulse measurement techniques with new algorithms which deliver accurate results in real-time even in case of noise and complicated pulse shapes. In the last few years areas of application and the market for ultrafast lasers in the femto- or picosecond range have increased. From highly complex research assemblies [...]

CLEO 2018 APE and APE Inc. Exhibit at CLEO 2018

Laser experts and users from various industries meet at the international laser & optics technology congress CLEO 2018 – the world’s leading scientific research and innovation meeting place for lasers. The conference will include an exhibition at the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California, USA. From May 15 to 17, laser manufacturers will present their innovations, the newest optical technologies as well as instruments for laser diagnostics and laser process measurement. APE and APE America welcome you at booth [...]

Pulse Compression Explained Learn Details about Pulse Compression & Dispersion Compensation

Mastering dispersion of a short pulsed laser beam is important to maintain the quality of laser beams and improve its performance for various microscopy applications. For this reason, pulse compression (and stretching) and dispersion compensation are two very important topics that need to be mastered by laser users and microscopy operators. In our article we will explain the cause of dispersion and show how to compensate this effect by the means of a pulse compressor and dispersion management. You [...]

APE at AKL 2018 Laser Diagnostics of Tomorrow

APE is exhibiting at the International Laser Technology Congress AKL from May 2-4, 2018. AKL is the leading forum for industrial laser manufacturers and users and is, according the organizers of AKL, “featuring over 600 participants, around 70 speakers and over 50 companies at the accompanying exhibition. The AKL has established itself as the leading forum for applied laser technology in Europe. Supporting organizations include European Commission, Arbeitskreis Lasertechnik e.V., European Laser Institute, OptecNet as well as industrial associations [...]

Cyto 2018 APE #1 at Cyto 2018 Prague

APE presents itself again this year at the Cyto Congress of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry. This year, APEs booth is really easy to find, because the organizers have assigned us the booth number #1. The Congress will be hosted by the great city of Prague, Czech Republic from April 28 – May 02. CYTO 2018 will include Parrallel Sessions for scientists and practioneers working in all areas of cytometry. Two workshops, including one with APE participation, will [...]

APE to Give Talk on New CRS Achievements ECONOS 2018 Milan

ECONOS organizers invite to the 17th European Conference on Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy from April 8th to 11th. APE’s Tobias Grunske will give a talk titled “Recent Advances in OPO-Based CRS (Coherent Raman Spectroscopy) Light Sources”. In his presentation, Tobias will discuss new technical concepts that are relevant to the CRS area: larger tuning ranges, fast tuning and a new FM-SRS concept. The meeting will be held in Milan to address a variety of topics in the fast-growing field of non-linear optical [...]

Focus on Microscopy 2018 APE at FOM 2018 Singapore

Focus on Microscopy 2018 is taking place in Singapore from March 25 to March 28, 2018. FOM 2018 is the continuation of a yearly conference series presenting the latest innovations in optical microscopy and their application in biology, medicine and the material sciences. Key subjects for the conference series are new developments in (confocal) instrumentation and applications of imaging. The conference series covers also the rapidly advancing vibrational & nonlinear microscopy techniques, eg. in the field of coherent raman microscopy. The [...]

From Berlin to Shanghai APE exhibits at DPG Berlin and LWP Shanghai

APE exhibits at the annual DPG Meeting (Jahrstagung der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft) in Berlin, Germany from March 13-15, 2018. Our colleague Anita Moecks is looking forward to see you at our booth (#16, tent)! If you can’t make it to Berlin, consider that APE is also attending LASER World of PHOTONICS 2018 in Shanghai, from March 14-16, Asia’s leading trade show for the laser industry. Our colleague Joerg Oschmann together with our partners Pulsepower and Pinnacle showcasing APEs latest advancements for [...]