Precision Optical Delay Line with High Scan Speed

Optical Delay with High Precision

ScanDelay, an optical delay line, allows the introduction of a well-defined time delay into an optical path. The delay is periodically controlled by a fast scanning shaker at a frequency of up to 20 Hz.

The heart of APE’s optical delay line series is a special linear translation stage that is supplied together with appropriate control and drive electronics. The linear drive has been designed especially for optical applications. It combines low moving mass with compactness, reaching a high speed, as well as high precision and resolution. The delay drive moves frictionless, has a large and precise travel range, and allows for very small displacements without any stick-slip-effects.

Thus scanDelay is capable of generating fast wide scans as well as smallest delays without any stick-slip effects. The actual position is measured in real time by an analog photo-electric system with high resolution and a wide dynamic range. The linear drive allows an ultra-precise scanner movement and leads to an excellent scan-to-scan reproducibility.

Including Software & Electronics

The control electronic contains the motion driver and a quartz stabilized signal synthesizer. It can be synchronized with an external clock for a precise, phase-locked scanner movement.

The software interface allows the user easy and fast setup of the scanning parameters. A visualized scan curve with amplitude values in time units gives direct feedback when the user is optimizing the scanning parameters. The software interface also incorporates the feedback loop controlled scanner stabilization. A set of LabView drivers allows the integration into existing measurement software.

The scanDelay can be operated over a wide range of scanning frequencies with various scan modi, the motion driving force can be sinusoidal, triangular, sawtooth-like, or even of a user defined shape. The scanner movement will respond to this within the physical limitations imposed by a harmonic system.

At a Glance

  • Precise optical delay + high scanning speed
  • Perfectly suited for pump-probe experiments
  • Scan range variable from femtoseconds up to several picoseconds
  • User-defined delay patterns
  • Control software / LabView drivers
  • Scan rate phase-locked to external source possible
  • Linear and calibrated scaling due to position measurement


scanDelay software: scanning frequency and sampling parameters


scanDelay Optical Delay Specification    
* Internal position sampling and indication of amplitude (maximum delay) in Control Software from 0.4 ... 20 Hz only. Below 0.4 Hz scan frequency, only partial (smaller than maximum delay) scan position is displayed. Full position information is available via analog position output signal.** Fast frequency divider for approx. 80 MHz input optional*** x10, x100 switchable
Scan Range15 ps50 ps 150 ps
(± 1.125 mm)(± 3.75 mm)(± 11.25 mm)
Scan Modes
Internal Generator*0.1 ... 20 Hz0.1 ... 20 Hz0.1 ... 10 Hz
Externally Triggered*0.01 ... 20 Hz0.01 ... 20 Hz0.01 ... 10 Hz
External Trigger InputTTL, 20 Hz ... < 50 kHz**
Position Output Signal± 10 V / 15 ps***± 10 V / 50 ps***± 10 V / 150 ps***
Trigger Output (programmable position)TTLTTLTTL
Linearity of Position Signal< 0.5 %< 0.5 %< 0.5 %
Coating of the RetroreflectorAg (protected)Ag (protected)Ag (protected)
Other coatings on requestOther coatings on requestOther coatings on request
Optics (High Precision Retro Reflector)
Clear Aperture1"1/2"1/2"
Computer InterfaceUSBUSBUSB
LabView driver for user-defined remote control setupsincl.incl.incl.

Datasheets & Brochures

scanDelay_USB (pdf / english)

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