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fs / ps MHz OPO | Ti:Sa laser pumped


The OPO-X is a synchronously pumped widely tunable optical parametric oscillator (OPO) for fs and ps Ti:Sapphire laser pumping, covering the wavelength range from 505 … 4000 nm. It is fully automated, i.e. software controlled tuning over the full specified wavelength range. This is made possible by its new control electronics, internal diagnostics, and Control Software packaged conveniently in a new housing.

The Control Software is equipped with a Software Interface (using TCP/IP). The OPO-X can easily be integrated into larger experimental setups and software controlled environments.

Improved customer support is enabled through internal error diagnosis and extensive log files remotely accessible via TCP/IP interface and LAN, which also enables remote service capabilities.

The OPO-X is based on a FAN crystal, which enables a large flexibility. The OPO wavelength can be tuned independently of the pump wavelength, accepting to be pumped from 740 … 880 nm. This enables a maximum flexibility of simultaneous available wavelengths for the experiment.

All versions of the OPO-X system can be operated in both femto- and picosecond mode (depending on the pump), by simple exchanging a few optical elements.

The new OPO-X is based on A·P·E’s long standing experience in developing and manufacturing fully automated OPOs, such as the Chameleon Compact OPO, or the picoEmerald™.

Watch our videos about the OPO-X and the A·P·E OPO Revolution.



  • Independent pump- and Signal tuning
  • New fully automated tuning with Windows-based Control Software
  • Jitter-free generation of pulses
  • Standard Software interface (using TCP/IP)


OPO Signal
1000 ... 1600 nm1)
Output power@1100 nm | pumped @800 nm
  Chameleon Ultra II / Mira HP2) > 650 mW@3.5 W pump > 520 mW@2.8 W pump  
  Mira V102) > 250 mW@1.3 W pump > 250 mW@1.3 W pump    
  Mira V52) > 75 mW@0.65 W pump > 75 mW@0.65 W pump
OPO Signal VIS
(VIS Ring version)
505 ... 740 nm1)
Output power@600 nm | pumped @800 nm
  Chameleon Ultra II / Mira HP > 500 mW @ 3.5 W pump > 400 mW @ 2.8 W pump
  Mira V10 > 150 mW @ 1.3 W pump > 150 mW @ 1.3 W pump
  Mira V5 > 40 mW @ 0.65 W pump > 40 mW @ 0.65 W pump
OPO Idler (optional)
1750 ... 4000 nm1)
Pulse width
typ. 200 fs @ 130 fs pump pulse width
typ. 1.6 ps @ 2 ps pump pulse width
Time bandwidth product
typ. 0.6
Polarization Signal and Idler
linear / horizontal
Polarisation Signal SHG (VIS)
linear / vertical
Beam quality M2
< 1.2
Spectrometer range
495 ... 1630 nm
Repetition rate
appr. 80 MHz
(depending on and equal to the repetition rate of the pump laser)
< 0.5% RMS2)

1) Depending on actual pump wavelength
2) RMS noise measured in a bandwidth from 10 Hz ... 1 MHz



Here you can download some examples that demonstrate how to use the Standard Software Interface (using TCP/IP) with common programming languages:


Germany Austria and Switzerland: A·P·E Gmbh

Other countries, worldwide: Coherent Laser Group


The OPO- X can be provided with several options and modifications:
• Autocorrelator
• Output of Idler beam (in addition to output of Signal beam)
• Depleted pump output (not in combination with Idler)
• Customized wavelength ranges
• Adaptation to various pump laser cavity lengths and pump pulse width
• Difference Frequency Generation for MIR generation up to15 µm: HarmoniXX DFG)
• Simultaneous access to IR and VIS output