The A·P·E Optical Parametric Amplifier provides widely tunable high energy pulses at high repetition rates. It is the optimal light source for multi-photon interaction, spectroscopy and microscopy.

High power OPA


AVUS Optical Parametric Amplifier

AVUS is the very latest Optical Parametric Amplifier (OPA) providing widely tunable high-energy pulses. It is ideal for use with 1 μm femtosecond lasers and opens doors for up to 50 W pump power.
The user-friendly and maintenance-free unit is air-cooled and constructed with a monolithic case design for long-term thermal stability, even at maximum pump power.
The fully-automated and alignment-free unit covers a wide wavelength range, while the integrated tuning and automatic wavelength separation of the AVUS maintain the same beam position and direction for all wavelengths.

Application Examples

  • Nonlinear microscopy
  • Femtosecond pump probe spectroscopy
  • Time-resolved spectroscopy and Photoluminescence (TR3, TRPES, TRPL)
  • Photoelectron-photoion coincidence spectrometry (PEPICO)
  • Coherent anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy (CARS)
  • Two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy (2D-IR)
  • Terahertz emission studies
  • OPA for 1 μm pump laser
  • 50 W maximum pumping power
  • Air-cooling and monolithic case for long-term temperature stability
  • Tunable from 210 nm ... 11 μm (UV, VIS, IR)
  • Completely automated and fully computer controlled
  • Long-life operation with sealed inner case to protect sensitive components
  • TCP/IP remote control with standardized command set for easy programming
  • 24/7 integrated performance monitoring of both laser system and AVUS
  • No need for external beam routing or separation: the integrated tuning and automatic wavelength separation maintain the same beam position and direction for all wavelengths.
Pump Laser Parameters    
  Input Laser Type fs based laser systems
  Input Power Up to 50 W
  Input Energy 8 ... 200 μJ
  Input Center Wavelength 1020 ... 1070 nm
  Input Polarization Any orientation, linear
  Repetition Rate Up to 1 MHz
  Pulse Width 200 ... 400 fs, others on request
Main Specifications    
  Conversion Efficiency at Peak 12 %, Signal + Idler; measured at 35 W input power
  Time Bandwidth Product < 1
  Pulse Width Typically 200 fs, others on request
  Output Bandwidth 70 ... 120 cm-1 (typical)
  Polarization AVUS incl. UV/VIS extension: horizontal; IR extension: vertical
  Performance Monitoring Integrated 24/7 monitoring and data logging of both pump laser and OPA condition
(e.g. beam position / pointing, repetition rate, pulse energy)
  Wavelength Calibration Factory calibrated, ± 2 nm at 650 - 950 nm
  Beam Routing and Separation Integrated, fully automated
  Mechanical Design Monolithic
  Cooling Air-Cooled
  Software, PC, and Automation Included (Embedded PC)
  Remote Control Possible via TCP/IP (SCPI command set), Windows Remote Desktop
Tuning Range    
  Base Unit 630 ... 1020 nm, 1040 ... 2600 nm
  UV / VIS Extension (optional) 210 ... 255 nm, 260 ... 510 nm, 520 ... 630 nm
  IR Extension (optional) Up to 11 μm
Dimensions and Power Dimensions 677 mm x 163 mm x 447 mm (May vary depending on options)
  Power 100 ... 240 V, 50 ... 60 Hz, max. 100 W


  • Bypass for SHG beam (green) and pump beam
  • UV / VIS Extension
  • IR Extension