The A·P·E Optical Parametric Amplifier provides widely tunable high energy pulses at high repetition rates. It is the optimal light source for multi-photon interaction, spectroscopy and microscopy.

High power OPA


AVUS is an Optical Parametric Amplifier (OPA) that provides widely tunable high energy pulses and high repetition rates (up to 1 MHz). AVUS offers highest average output power on the market and is designed for 1 µm fs pump lasers.

AVUS is very user friendly with fully automated tuning and wavelength separation. Little or no user training is required and the AVUS comes ready for remote operation. High repetition rates of up to 1 MHz enable fast data acquisition, which is critical to many experiments. With the combination of the highest commercially available average power and high repetition rates, AVUS is the optimal system for multiphoton interaction.

AVUS features one single main output port for the whole wavelength range, without manual adjustment. External beam routing or re-alignment by the user is not necessary.

There are options for a separate output of the pump laser second harmonic, as well as a pump laser beam bypass. In the bypass mode the undepleted residual pump beam is accessible without special beam separation.

All shutters are computer controlled and can be accessed remotely. For maximum flexibility several AVUS units can be operated in parallel with different input options.

  • 1 μm pumped fs-OPA
  • Full automation
  • Up to 5 W output (Signal and Idler)
  • Pump power up to 50 W
  • UV / VIS and IR (210 nm to 11 μm) extensions
  • Single output port and automated wavelength separation
  • Air cooled
Pump laser parameters    
  Maximum input power 50 W
  Input energy 20 ... 200 µJ
  Wavelength approx. 1030 nm
  Repetition rate   up to 1 MHz
  Pulse width 200 ... 400 fs
OPA parameters    
Conversion efficiency @ peak   12 % (Signal + Idler, measured @ 35 W input power)
Time bandwidth product   < 1
Pulse width   typ. 200 fs
Bandwidth   70 ... 120 cm-1
Polarization   horizontal
Tuning range    
  Basic 630 ... 1020 nm / 1040 ... 2600 nm
  UV / VIS extension 210 ... 255 nm / 260 ... 510 nm / 520 ... 630 nm
  IR extension up to 11 µm
Power supply   100 ... 240 V AC / 50 ... 60 Hz
Max. power consumption   100 W
Ambient temperature during operation   19 ... 25º C (< 60 % relative humidity)



• Integrated UV / VIS and IR extensions

• Parallel operation of multiple OPAs and three input port options

• Pump laser bypass

• Second harmonic output of pump laser