A new generation

in short-pulse measurement tools

Introducing pulseCheck NX

The pulseCheck NX is a leap forward in the evolution of a product line, which has been market leading and trusted for more than 25 years. The new autocorrelator design implements an unprecedented level of integration, including software, electronics, mechanics and optics.

By relentlessly striving for best in class performance, we made the new NX autocorrelators easy to use, while putting state of the art data processing and evaluation performance at your finger tips. As a new generation of test and measurement tools the NX product line provides invaluable solutions for analysis, monitoring and optimization of short-pulse laser systems.

Plug & play and easy integration

The pulseCheck NX provides plug & play capability via USB and Ethernet connections. These enable integration into automated test and measurement environments. Remote control with Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI) through the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is possible via the provided network connectivity.

High sensitivity and dynamic range, low noise

Low-noise analogue electronics and fast digital components allow for excellent signal to noise ratios and seemless data transfer. A mature optical design and meticulously tested components ensure reliable and industry leading performance down to 200 nm*.

*Measurements down to 200 nm with cross-correlation setup; down to 250 nm without cross-correlation using a pulseCheck UV-TPA detector.

Intuitive user interface

The pulseCheck NX software has a user-friendly interface with an intuitive layout. It allows the user to focus on relevant data and gives easy access to built-in data analysis. The high-contrast mode option of the graphical user interface (GUI) enables great visibility when using laser safety glasses.

Integrated, comprehensive data analysis

The included software comes with comprehensive data analysis tools. Integrated functions such as the tracking of measurement and quality parameters save time. Integrated fitting algorithms make it easier to evaluate the data. Operational settings and previously acquired data can be displayed simultaneously to provide context and reference for current measurements.

Best in class resolution and dynamic range

The pulseCheck NX 50 provides an unprecedented temporal resolution down to 50 attoseconds*. New and highly integrated analogue signal processing electronics in conjunction with an 18 bit digital architecture guarantee fast and reliable detection of details, a high dynamic range and low latency.

* Max. delay resolution of the pulseCheck NX 50: 50 attoseconds, pulseCheck NX 150: 200 attoseconds, pulseCheck SM (long-range): 1fs

Specification overview

Backwards Compatibility

The pulseCheck NX has a new, intuitive user interface, providing easy access to its comprehensive functionality. The seamless integration in new or existing test environments is enabled by backwards compatible data formats, command structures and a compact design, which maintains mounting points of previous models.

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