A Generational Change in
Laser Pulse Duration Measurement

Introducing pulseCheck NX, available¹ March 2021

The pulseCheck NX takes the previous pulseCheck and makes it even better, improving on every aspect to deliver powerful autocorrelation measurement performance. The new NX generation comes with integrated fast processing and data evaluation performance. An external controller is not required. Even under extremely low-light measurement conditions, everything runs fast and smoothly. The software supports you in autocorrelation measurements with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Plug & play and easy integration

The pulseCheck NX provides plug & play capability via USB. The Ethernet connection (SCPI over TCP/IP) enables integration into automated test and measurement environments without the need for an additional PC. Remote control is possible from any location via a network connection.

Highly sensitive under low-light measuring conditions

Powerful low-noise amplifiers, a well-designed optical layout and carefully selected detectors ensure optimum measurement results at all times – even in the UV down to 200 nm* and at low pulse energies.

*Measurements down to 200 nm with cross-correlation setup; down to 250 nm without cross-correlation using a pulseCheck UV-TPA detector.

Intuitive user interface

The pulseCheck NX software has a user-friendly interface and so avoids the difficulties of getting lost, being confused, or reading a manual. The clean layout provides a visually comfortable experience. A high-contrast mode of the GUI supports users with laser safety eyewear to see every detail on the screen clearly.

Metadata dashboard brings details into the measurement data

The metadata dashboard makes it easy to track key measurement parameters and operating conditions. Not only pulse duration (raw and fitted) and pulse quality are recorded, but also additional metadata such as measurement settings, scan range, detector type and more. Key data of a previously stored reference measurement can be displayed simultaneously.

Impressive resolution down to 50 attoseconds* to maximize the measurement experience

The pulseCheck NX 50 gives you a high resolution down to 50 attoseconds* and a noticeably extended dynamic intensity range of 18 bit. Thus, every detail is being captured. The newly developed system-on-chip based architecture enables fluent measurements with low latency.

* Max. delay resolution of the pulseCheck NX 50: 50 attoseconds, pulseCheck NX 150: 200 attoseconds, pulseCheck SM (long-range): 1fs

Specification overview

Compatibility with the previous model

Operating the new pulseCheck NX is possible without training. Data export and remote commands are compatible with older versions of the pulseCheck. Users who are familiar with the previous software can use the improved new GUI without any difficulties and without using a manual. The mechanical footprint is identical – new and old devices can be easily interchanged or replaced in existing measurement setups.

pulseCheck NX: Available¹ March 2021

¹ Orders and requests for quotations will be possible from March 2021.