with APE's MID-IR Laser Carmina

Combine s-SNOM and AFM-IR with a Remarkable Mid-IR Laser

Broadly Tunable IR Laser for the Integration with Scattering SNOM and AFM-IR Microscopes

APE provides a tunable Mid-IR laser spectroscopy, and for the integration with scattering SNOM and AFM-IR microscopes.

The laser sets new standards in resolution and tuning range due to its OPO/DFG architecture. The unique combination of 300 cm-1 FWTM broadband as well as 20 cm-1 FWHM narrowband emission covers the two complementary nanoscale IR techniques s-SNOM and AFM-IR.

The outstanding high output power of up to 500 mW in combination with an extremely low noise level is addressing a wider range of applications in the near-field imaging & spectroscopy field.

A pulsed mode (Burst Mode with 50 % Duty Cycle) is included for AFM-IR applications.

At a Glance

  • Imaging & Spectroscopy of organic & inorganic samples with a remarkable IR light source
  • Two complementary nanoscale Mid-IR techniques: s-SNOM and AFM-IR
  • High performance narrowband (~ 20 cm-1 FWHM) and broadband (~ 300 cm-1 FWTM)  emission
  • Highest signal-to-noise performance due to OPO/DFG architecture
  • User friendly turnkey operation incl. automated wavelength tuning
  • Wavelength tuning broadband:
    from 1.46 µm … 16.7 µm (600 cm-1 … 6850 cm-1)
  • Wavelength tuning narrowband:
    from 5.0 µm … 16.7 µm (600 cm-1 … 2000 cm-1)
  • Outstanding output power levels up to 500 mW
  • Fast continuous sweep mode in under 10 seconds for scanning from 1000 … 1800 cm-1
  • Additional 1032 nm (9700 cm-1) output port available for Pump and Probe experiments

Operation Modes

4 different operation modes are availabe to cover s-SNOM spectroscopy, s-SNOM imaging, and AFM-IR:

1 – Broadband quasi-cw mode
2 – Narrowband quasi-cw mode
3 – Broadband pulsed mode
4 – Narrowband pulsed mode

Beam Profile

Beamprofil Carmina IR Laser

The beam profile of Carmina gives an ellipticity of >80%, measured here in the wavenumber range between 2000 … 670 cm-1.

Specifications & Typical Performance

Available configurations
Version A
Version B
Version C
Broadband quasi-cw
Narrowband quasi-cw
Broadband pulsed mode
Narrowband pulsed mode
Additional 1032 nm output port
Available for all configurations
Broadband operation
Narrowband operation
Tuning range
1.46 μm … 16.7 μm
(600 cm-1 … 6850 cm-1)
5.0 μm … 16.7 μm
(600 cm-1 … 2000 cm-1)
Bandwidth typical
300 cm-1 (FWTM, 10dB level)
170 cm-1 (FWHM)
< 20 cm-1 (FWHM) for 5.56 μm … 10 μm
(1000 cm-1 … 1800 cm-1)
> 15 mW at 6.25 μm (1600 cm-1)
Beam quality M²
< 1.3 at 6.25 μm (1600 cm-1), typ. < 1.3 over complete tuning range
Horizontal > 2.06 μm (4850 cm-1), vertical < 2.06 μm (4850 cm-1)
Beam diameter at exit

Typ. 5 mm at 6.25 μm (1600 cm-1)
Sweep mode
Continuous sweep
Max. speed > 100 cm-1/s, speed and range software adjustable
Wavelength tuning
Fully automated, no user adjustment required
Step- and settle time
Typ. 2 s
Quasi-cw mode
Repetition rate
40.5 MHz ± 0.5 MHz              
Pulsed mode
Frequency modulation
50 kHz … > 1.5 MHz externally triggered via TTL signal (BNC)
Duty cycle
Energy per cycle
>15 nJ at 6.25 μm (1600 cm-1) and 500 kHz
Additional 1032 nm output port
1032 nm (9700 cm-1)                
> 250 mW              
Pulse width typical
200 fs              

Download our brochure (download tab) to view the specification data.

Typical Data

Carmina Broadband operation - typical power performance
Carmina Broadband operation - typical spectral bandwidth


Carmina Narrowband operation - typical power performance
Carmina Narrowband operation - typical spectra

Datasheets & Brochures

APE Carmina Rev.3.3.3 (pdf /english)

Application Note


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Full compatibility with Bruker Anasys

Carmina is fully compatible with sSNOM & AFM-IR solution from Anasys / Bruker, the world leader in nanoscale IR spectroscopy. Contact us for more information.