11D Sensor makes physics lessons thrilling


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11D Sensor makes physics lessons thrilling

In Berlin holidays are over and lessons have started again. The members of the physics club of the Barnim-Gymnasium could hardly wait to start school again. For them to carry out experiments in everyday life the electronics engineers of A∙P∙E GmbH have developed the 11D-Sensor. This device, not bigger than a few centimeters, measures acceleration in 3 axes (x, y, z), torsional  moment in 3 axes (rolling, pitching, jawing), barometric pressure, temperature, and  magnetic field in 3 axes (x, y, z).

Measured data is transferred to a computer via Bluetooth, where it is stored and graphically displayed. In addition, data is stored on an integrated SD card. With just a little bit of imagination a lot of physics experiments can be conducted. What happens to a ball (with the sensor inside) falling out of a window? In which way does the barometric pressure change in an elevator moving inside a building?  Which acceleration acts onto the passenger during a rollercoaster ride?

The 11D Sensor will not become part of A∙P∙E product portfolio. The aim was to inspire high school students in science. Perhaps it helps that more young people will start a career as a physicist or an engineer.

(August 2013)