Levante IR - fs version


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fs / ps MHz OPO | fixed frequency pumped


The new Levante IR - fs is a synchronously pumped OPO (optical parametric oscillator) in an innovative new design. The pump source is a mode-locked femtosecond laser emitting at 1 µm fixed. The generation of the Signal and Idler pulses in a parametric process is jitter-free with respect to each other as well as to the pump pulse.

The accessible wavelength range for the Signal output is 1320 ... 2000 nm and the wavelength range for the Idler output is 2150 ... 4800 nm (when pumped @ 1035 nm). The wavelength tuning itself is now fully automated.

The OPO is ideal for applications requiring tunable light in the IR for, e. g. vibrational spectroscopy Due to a periodically poled FAN crystal as gain medium there is no need for temperature tuning. With the entirely new designed electronics and Control Software the handling has never been easier. Also the new platform allows for best possible customer support through remote access and extensive log files. A TCP/IP interface makes integration into larger software controlled setups easy.

The Levante IR- fs is a versatile light source for femtosecond pulses. In combination with extracavity wavelength converters of the HarmoniXX series, almost every wavelength from 660 nm up to 15 μm can be generated.

Watch our video about the A·P·E OPO Revolution.

  • Fully controllable via PC and automated wavelength tuning
  • Perfectly synchronized output pulses
  • Standard Software Interface (using TCP/IP)
  • Integrated spectrometer for OPO Signal wavelength range
Wavelength range (Signal) 1320 ... 2000 nm
Wavelength range (Idler, optional) 2150 ... 4800 nm
Output power (Signal) 1.2 W @ 1500 nm pumped at 6 W @ 1035 nm
Output power (Idler, optional) 2500 nm > 0.6 W @ 6 W pump
Pulse width typ. 200 fs @ 200 fs pump
Time bandwidth product typ. 0.6
Pulse repetition rate approx. 80 MHz
  (depending on and equal to the repetition rate of the pump laser)
Computer interface Standard Software Interface (using TCP/IP)
Appropriate pump parameters 2 ... 10 W | 1030 ... 1064 nm | 70 ... 300 fs
  40 ... > 80 MHz repetiton rate (fixed at time of order)



Here you can download some examples that demonstrate how to use the Standard Software Interface (using TCP/IP) with common programming languages:


This device is available directly via A·P·E and in the countries listed below via our exclusive distribution partners:

Australia: Coherent Scientific

China: Pinnacle / PulsePower

France: Optoprim

Great Britain and Ireland: Photonic Solutions

India: Laser Science

Japan: Phototechnica

Poland: Eurotek

Singapore: AceXon

Spain, Portugal: Innova Scientific

Switzerland: Dyneos

Taiwan: SuperbIN

USA, Canada, Middle and South America: A.P.E America

  • Adaptation to other pump parameters